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With humor, insight, a touch of sarcasm and an acerbic wit, Paul Karem relates examples of the maddening frustrations endured by today’s consumers.  Have you pulled your hair out as you got lost in a phone tree or tried unsuccessfully to connect with unreachable service-providers?  Have you felt insulted by haughty personnel and the inability to get a simple “I’m sorry” after a customer service faux pax?  You will enjoy this book with many a hearty laugh and head-nodding agreement.

In Above the Fray, Karem not only provides an eye-opening discussion about this epidemic of failed customer service but also gives the tonic for a fix!!

In these challenging economic times, Karem proposes a solution that does not require drastic cost-cutting or massive new marketing plans.  His solution is simple and remarkably effective; Karem addresses this book to business owners, executives, managers and staff.  He shows how your business can prosper if everyone stays focused on the aim of the business and the needs of the customer.

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