“It’s one thing to understand customer service. It’s another thing to communicate that understanding. Paul Karem can do both.”

– Paul Wagner, Academy Award Winning Film-Maker

“When I think about a ‘stand up guy’, I automatically think about my friend, Paul Karem. He’s a giver to the community and a true-blue legitimate businessman who ALWAYS puts his customers FIRST. He’s an amazing man and I’m proud to know him! You can learn a lot from Paul through these courses.”

– Paul Hornung, Hall of Fame NFL Football Player, Heisman Trophy Recipient

“Teamwork is the cornerstone of success and Above the Fray lessons delve into how to achieve effective teamwork.”

– George Baker, President, Kentucky Fried Chicken – Retired

“Paul entertains while teaching. He teaches the fundamentals of selling without making it abstract. His understanding of human nature comes from his understanding of himself, and he is able to gently prod the reluctant person into action.”

– Tom Borders, Founder, Borders Books

“Paul provides much needed insight into the issues and opportunities surrounding customer service”

– Eleanor Dougherty, Organizational Consultant

“Paul Karem is a good-hearted, honorable, humorous leader who has that rare spark of humanity than can only come as a gift from divine providence. There are not many people like that.”

– Joseph J. Golden, Former Federal Bankruptcy Officer

“I never had the opportunity to play with Paul, however, I always knew he was there for counsel. Being a quarterback means you get to make the last decision, which means that a lot of people are counting on you. A lot of people have counted on Paul for years…and they’ve won!!! One of my proudest moments in UK athletics history was when the statue of the first African Americans to play football at UK and the SEC was unveiled. This would not have happened without Paul’s unwavering commitment to getting this done. If you want it done, call Paul.”

– Derrick Kent Ramsey, Secretary of the Kentucky Labor Cabinet, Former NFL Tight End

“Paul Karem brings a unique set of leadership skills to the difficult task of organizing, energizing and motivating people. These are skills Paul has honed throughout his career. Whether on the athletic field or in the board room, Paul realizes that everyone must buy into the goal. Paul also knows what it will take to put success within reach. Bringing a blend of humor, hard learned lessons and obvious-but often ignored-truths about human nature and business, Paul touches something in most people he meets or who have the opportunity to hear him speak. I encourage everyone to take advantage of learning from this gifted leader.”

– Bob Finnel, President and Attorney, The Finnell Firm

“Paul has extended his God-given talents and entrepreneurial experience to both profit businesses and nonprofit organizations of which all are grateful! Paul is a proven performer who gets the job DONE for his customer, no matter what. Paul LISTENS. Paul CARES. Paul is truly ABOVE THE FRAY.”

– Cissy Musselman, Vice Chair at Risk Management Services Corp.

“Paul Karem has the determination, conviction and grit to make miracles happen. He helped lead the effort to honor the first African American Athletes in the SEC with bigger than life statues on the campus of the University of Kentucky at the entrance to the football stadium. Paul is also the executive producer of a film about these American heroes. His book demonstrates the determination to do what is right for the customer.”

– Jim Host, Serial Entrepreneur and Former Communications Director of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.