Open Immediately Mail

Why do they do this crap?  It drives me nuts . Do we really need to be startled to open the mail?

As it we don’t have enough stuff to worry and be startled about. Like we aren’t getting enough social turmoil, political pain and disconnect, financial pressure, and other irritating dung,  now we have to be startled and shocked when we get Open IMMEDIATELY mail!!!  The envelope would better serve involved if it said ‘SHRED IMMEDIATELY — and isn’t that what usually happens to 98.7% of this stuff — immediately!

This is just another example of America’s Customer Service Disaster.

From now on I’m going to call it ACSD.   Another example of the service provider knowing absolutely nothing about how to address a customer.

Or respect the customer.  Or understand the customer.

Do they really believe alarming and irritating people is the way to get their mail looked at?  What was I supposed to think when I received the pictured letter?  That my insurance was cut off?  We all know that kind of nonsense happens all the time these days so I guess the insurance company thinks scaring me is a way to get some attention.  Some marketing firm probably told them some wonderfully enlightening factoid about putting ‘Open Immediately’ on the envelope.  Some groundbreaking statistic like “12.427% of those receiving this will open this piece before any other mail and take what’s inside very seriously.”

At a time when a lot of things get confused, like when your mortgage is sold, or your daughter’s tuition takes a big jump, or the cable and gas companies hit you with a hike, why would someone think ‘Open Immediately’ would be the way to a customer’s heart? Maybe they learned this from the IRS. When they send you an ‘Open Immediately’ you better damn well do it.

But alas, this is just another way to disrespect the customer, another way to hopefully manipulate.  This particular ‘Open’ mailer was a chance to open a VISA card associated with the insurance provider.  I decided not to open the credit card after my blood pressure went back down to 212/187.

I hope this blog strikes a cord with you.


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