Checking Account Nightmare

Nobody thinks it can happen to them until it does.

My checking account got hacked.

Some guy in Georgia (I live in Kentucky) wrote checks with my bank’s routing number and my checking account number, and they were deducted from my account!  The bank name on his checks were a completely different bank than the one I bank with!  Remarkable how these people pull this off but it looks like they do it all the time.

After all, my banker said, “oh this happens all the time.

These characters are so creative you must ask yourself how successful they would be it they just stuck to legitimate business.

As you can probably imagine, this mess caused all kinds of problems.

I have about seven (7) automatic deductions that come out of my checking account . . .  Insurance policies, internet account, that kind of stuff.   So I have to notify all of these companies and alert them that my account has been corrupted and the auto-deducts have now got to go to another account.

Fill out the form.  Sign the form.  Send the form to the bank.  Send the new account number.  Send the routing number.  Send the form to the company. For each one.

Blow my head off.

All that is after I go to the bank and fill out the fraud report so they can be sure I’m not stealing my own money.  It pretty much took the best part of a day to get all this done. And there was, of course, instances of America’s Customer Service Disaster along the way. For example — our healthcare insurance provider wouldn’t make the change to the new checking account for my wife’s premium until they talked to my wife and got permission from her for them to talk to me.

Who dreams up this shit?  They never asked permission to take her premiums out of my checking account for six years.

But I don’t want to talk about the stinky stuff, I want to brag on a young lady that provided some good stuff. We have a long-term healthcare insurance policy which is a nice thing to buy while you’re in your sixties and not in bad shape yet. The premiums for my wife and I were part of the auto-deduction fiasco. But a funny thing happened on the way to getting them money from a new checking account!  They……….made……….it……….easy!   They made it easy!   The young lady that sold us the policy is Connie Smith.  She represents Genworth. When all this crap happened she said, “ I am going to email two forms to you.  Sign them and I will take care of everything else.”

Just like that, in 10 minutes, she fixed 2/7ths of our problem. I wish I had the energy to write more about the nonsense we endured with the other companies like the one that would only talk to one of us at a time. I will never understand why these people make stuff so hard on their customers, and themselves.

I’m Paul Karem. Fool around on my website and I’ll show you how to make things easier on your customers. And if you buy any of my services, and are not pleased, I’ll give you your money back whether or not my checking account is corrupted.

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