You May or May Not Have Cancer But We’ll Discuss Next Week. Enjoy Your Weekend!

Recently my wife and two of our closest friends have had the same experience with a health issue. All three issues involved a bump in a place on the body that required a biopsy. Thank God in all three cases the biopsy results, when they were finally secured, was the best possible news. All good for all!! But the journey to getting the results was a little, errr ……. a lot unsettling.

In each case, and believe me this is a true story, the biopsies were performed in the first part of the week. All three were told the results would be in on Friday, 4 or 5 days later. However you look at it, those 4 or 5 days are a very, very long time to wait for a result that could spell pain and suffering for not just the patients, but for all the families and friends as well. As stated when the results came the news was wonderful. The troubling part was the way it was handled——in ALL three cases.

When Friday came all three patients got the same news and the same advice. My wife, and both friends were told ………” we haven’t received the results of your case yet, we should have them by Monday or Tuesday, enjoy the weekend”.

“Enjoy the weekend.”

What a wonderful way to “enjoy the weekend.” You can’t beat worrying about the C word for the best possible weekend fun and relaxation. What a wonderful way to “enjoy the weekend.”

I am getting to the point where I believe they learn this crap in medical school. Remarkable. How disconnected from the feelings and values of a customer can they be?

And, of course, it all gets blamed on the lab responsible for the pathology report. Consistent with America’s Customer Service Disaster menu,  someone else is always at fault. All the doctor’s offices had to do from the beginning was issue an accurate timeline for securing the results—-as opposed to leaving their patients (customers) sick at the stomachs for an extra 4 day.

All they had to do was have a basic understanding of the needs and wants of their patients.

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