So You Wanna Have a Career in Sales? Better Learn to Move FAST!

There’s no denying the fact that being in sales is a great way to make a living. Regardless of the venue, sales can be a very fulfilling and financially rewarding career. Whether you’re selling insurance, financial services, retail, automobiles, data storage, etc., if you’re passionate enough about what you’re selling, it can provide you with success beyond your wildest dreams.

However, if you want to be successful in the business environment that we’re in today, you better be equipped to move fast.

Like, really, really fast. See below.

Reaching 50 Million Users

Get the picture? In case you weren’t aware, Angry Birds is a video game where the nice birds try to save their eggs from green pigs, who are their enemies. Green pigs got to 50 million people in 35 days while it took television 27,375 days.

The point is, if you want to be effective, you better learn to move a little faster these days.

Information and data are traveling at warp speed, and despite this, service providers are less courteous to their customers, oblivious to their public perception, and less helpful than ever before.

What an amazing OPPORTUNITY!!!

You have, at your avail, more readily obtainable information to share with clients than ever before. The client knows that as well…….and they DON’T want to wait to get it.

Responding quickly with the right information pays a bigger dividend today than it has in a long time. Fast, courteous, helpful behavior counters the first piece of America’s Customer Service Disaster—–‘Thin skinned behavior’—which is everywhere you turn or shop.

Just being fast and informative won’t take care of all the customer’s needs. Those distinctive talents will get you in the game, but you need more muscle to excel. Some of those extra features include:

  1. Anticipating questions and problems BEFORE they happen (especially true in finance, real estate, and technology).
  2. Nailing down your hellos and goodbyes. Micah Solomon in Forbes maintains that people today remember the first and last sentences of a conversation more vividly than any other part of the exchange.
  3. Don’t think you are only competing with others in your industry. Like it or not, if you are in the sales/service business which means you are competing with customer service giants likes of Chick-fil A and Southwest Airlines. When people get great service they REMEMBER IT. Why? Because it’s RARE.

If you want to be in sales, great! But GET GOING.

There’s a Green Pig right behind you!

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