If you’re in the ‘Just 100,’ you’re ‘Just Great’

Just 100 is a unified ranking of 877* of the 1000 largest publicly traded companies, the best of which, regardless of industry, earn the Just 100 label. The entity that analyzes, identifies, and ranks how a “Just” corporation should operate.  A “Just” corporation is defined in their research as what Americans expect of a good corporate citizen.  They have reported that “80% of the 72,000 Americans surveyed over the last three years say companies aren’t “sharing enough of their success with employees.”

And that sharing is not just about money.  Employees today want to be great at their jobs. Employees today want to have a purpose at work and feel connected.  Employees today want employers to use the content of what’s in the employees’ brain and have them play a role in the success of the company. I hear young people say all the time that they “want to make more money” but that’s not even close to the whole story.  They want to be great at their jobs. If you are great at your job, the money will find you, instead of you finding it.

And you can’t be great at your job in a setting that doesn’t maximize your talent nor are they interested in your front-line ideas about company improvement … run Forrest run.

Forbes magazine recently reported that “treating workers right ultimately benefits shareholders, and not only in tight labor markets.”

Companies that are lucky, smart, fortunate, resourceful, or have enough business acumen to be selected to the Just 100 have shown shareholders a bonus in return over the last 5 years compared to the S&P 500.

Think about this for a minute. Companies that engage the talent of their employees make more money.  Companies that engage the spirit and esprit-de-corps are more successful and have employees with a higher job satisfaction level. Companies that place employees in a dynamic work setting, and listen to their ideas are more successful than the skyrocketing S&P 500.

Sounds simple, right?

Companies that treat their employees well do well as companies. What an exotic and clever way to run a business.  Could something additional be going on here?  Could these savvy companies be treating their employees like customers!!?  Could these savvy Just 100 companies practice internal customer service?  It looks like the answer is yes. And I’ll make another bet with you.  I bet these companies do not participate in any of the three pieces of America’s Customer Service Disaster—thin skinned behavior, misuse of technology and the disconnect between their claims and how they actually perform.  I don’t think ‘thin-skinned behavior would roll at a Just 100 company.  And I bet they use technology correctly.  Why?  Because if they weren’t the engaged, motivated employees they have, would tell them and correct the misuse. And you can be sure that Just 100 companies don’t use self-praising advertising UNLESS they really walk the talk.

Must be very satisfying and rewarding to be selected as a Just 100 member.  After all there’s just 100 of them.

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