The Government is Shut Down. So What’s New?

Our current governing adversaries have elected to shutdown certain, limited, pieces of the federal government. Regardless of what side of the political argument you are on, this is an event that should never, ever, ever happen. Here are some facts that support my position:

  • If you are running a business, a private enterprise, ‘shutting down’ in the midst of an argument is not an option. If you don’t have to worry about getting fired the options are more expansive.
  • The people that are responsible for the current government ‘shutdown’ function under the moniker of ‘Public Servant’. They are people elected by the citizens of the United States to ‘serve.’ Shutting down is not serving.
  • The people that are responsible for the current government ‘shutdown’ will continue to get paid for as long as the ‘shutdown’ continues. The President, Vice-President and ALL 535 members of Congress. Regardless of what side you take on this dispute, those are the facts.
  • Our government is beautifully designed to function with ‘checks and balances’ insured by having executive, legislative and judicial branches of government. It takes a lot of baloney to shut it down. Unfortunately, only Oscar Mayer, Fischer packing, Elm Hill and Smithfield are currently recognized as the best at manufacturing baloney.  I suggest all three branches of government join these experts in the rankings.
  • The term ‘Public Servant’ suggests, demands, that the holder of the title has a public to serve. One of the many Webster’s Dictionary definitions of the word ‘serve’ includes engaging “useful labor”. To this point in history, shutting down does not engage “useful labor.”
  • If they never get anything done anyway, why is this such big news? We live in a time of certain and ongoing political stalemate. Certain. So why is this big news?  Because some nice children were not able to visit the Statue of Liberty?  As disgusting as turning away grade school children from a national landmark is, isn’t it more disgusting that our government, our leaders, operate this way?
  • These people are supposed to be our ‘leaders.’  Webster’s definition of ‘leader’ refers to ‘commanding presence,’ ‘authority’ and ‘influence.’ Huh?

Well, they are ‘leading’ in this sense; they have led us right up to the altar of America’s Customer Service Disaster.  Confrontation and the endless application of denigrating or insulting your opponent or adversary is the teaching they have given us for dealing with competition or a discerning voice. All of them. Who could argue that the thin-skinned behavior that we deal with in retail stores and over the phone aren’t the evolution of years of contentious governing?   The trickle down of battles we see daily on CNN, Fox and MSNBC. Who could argue that the horrid misuse of technology in serving customers didn’t come from the footprint of non-functioning and uncaring government agencies? And who in the world could argue that disrespecting healthy competition is not the brainchild of the nasty, attacking of political campaigns?

The government is shut down. Can we write reviews on YELP?

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