My Teeth Hurt!!

People love to tell me their customer service disaster stories AND boy do I love hearing them.  Makes for a good match. Here is one that is kinda serious … but also kinda funny.

Samantha, a former business associate, took her 15 year old son to an oral surgeon for an examination.  His eye teeth are impacted in his palate.  Serious pain and a serious problem.  Bad teeth are no fun at any age but at 15 , just when you are discovering some of the best things in life,  you don’t need bad teeth and bad pain jamming your game up.

Look at the x-ray below of the terrible mess this young man is dealing with.

With the dumpster fire going on in this boy’s mouth, here is the timeline for the visit to the oral surgeon:

  • Wait 1 hour and 20 minutes in the waiting room
  • Wait 30 minutes in the examination room
  • comes in and takes 7 minutes for the entire consultation
  • Mom is told they will contact her in two weeks
  • 4 weeks later Mom calls the office to find out what the hell is going on
  • The ‘gatekeeper’ tells mom she “might be able to work her in”
  • Mom gets a bill for the 7 minutes consultation. $80.00
  • By the way that consultation cost breaks down as follows:  $11.43 per minutes, $0.19 per SECOND

  • Mom takes the 15-year-old to a new oral surgeon
  • New oral surgeon takes 55 minutes in TOTAL which includes, waiting, consulting and scheduling surgery!!!
  • Mom remits $80.00 for previous consult.
  • Mom provides instructions for the first oral surgeon

All ends well

All is right with the world

15 year old son is happy again

America’s Customer Service Disaster is still in full force

Paper instructions to Dr. #1 are complete

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